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Don't hesitate to communicate with us concerning any Genuine Honda Parts Needs. Please use the Honda Power Equipment Parts Look Up and email us with part numbers and quantity.

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Our qualified staff bring years of experience and knowledge to Tayside Motorsports. We take pride in our work and will insure that the work will be done right! Tayside Motorsports covers a wide range of small engines related services and will help you to outfit your new purchase with quality accessories. Tayside Motorsports is committed to meet your all your parts and service needs.

  • Tires & Accessory Installation

    From winches to windsheilds, tires to snow plows nothing adds function and style to your ride. No matter how big or small, our staff is on hand to install any accessories on any vehicle we sell. Make an appointment with our service department today!

  • Pre-season inspection & Oil/filter change

    Preventive maintenance is the key to protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly. A pre-season inspection includes the fuel system, engine, oil, exhaust, and battery check. During the riding season, it is mandatory to perform regular oil changes as specified by your manufacturer. An oil and filter change is an easy, affordable way to maintain your vehicle and keep it running longer.

  • Winterization

    Let us prepare your vehicle for winter. We add fuel STA-BIL® to the gas tank, fog the inside of the engine, grease the suspension and drive shaft, and spray metal protector on all of your metal engine components to fully prepare your vehicle for winter.

  • Full Engine Rebuild

    A full engine rebuild enhances your machine’s performance. We disassemble the engine down to the bare block and rebuild it with all new components. A full rebuild includes new parts, such as gaskets, oil pumps, timing chains, gears, and belts. You’ll get remachined valves, valve seats, and crankshafts, as well as a new air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, water pump, and all the power of a rebuilt engine.